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Default More Upload Issues

I've been watching BS the last few days, and have noticed that sometimes, uploads just stop for awhile. I can kill and restart BS, and they will resume. I have a dedicated machine running BS, so it doesn't change, and neither does my LAN.

I'm thinking that the source of this stoppage might be external... my ISP does not have a ul/dl limit (at least, not with the package I have), but that doesn't mean they aren't responsible. That, or maybe something is screwing with gnutella specifically.

I've even loaded BS on another system when this is happening, and tried to browse my server from another IP address - I get nothing - connected to 26 peers and 45 leaves, and not showing up. Zero firewalls too (the server sits in a "DMZ").

Anyone have any theories? Could uTorrent, running on other network nodes, have an effect? Granted, it uses bandwidth, but I have scads of bandwidth...
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