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Default Upload Issues, Etc

Hi Aaron:

>Have you ever let them resume normally? How long does >it take?

I've watched it for as long as 5 or 6 hours, without it resuming. At that point, I usually lose patience and just restart BS, and uploads will resume.

>Has your external IP address been changing?

My IP address (both internal and external) has not changed for several months.

>Can you increase the lease time in your router or modem?

Lease time is set for "forever" at the DHCP server. Not sure how to increase it beyond that.

>Have you set a port forwarding rule?

Port forwarding is set for the range of 6346-6348 for both TCP and UDP. BS is set with a listening port of 6348 (probably the default).

>Are you sure the router/modem has no firewall?

The modem has no firewall (it is a Motorola cable unit), and my Linksys wireless router definitely does have an internal firewall. It is disabled, with firewall protection handled across the LAN at each individual machine, as each has different requirements.

Funny thing is, BS *does* report that TCPIP is non-firewalled, but that UDP *is* firewalled - but it reports this, even while handling a dozen uploads. I've run two different firewall sniffers on the BS server, as well as the LAN, and no firewall has been detected. On top of that, the BS machine is specified in the router as a Virtual DMZ Host, placing it outside of all NAT security measures (most of which are disabled, anyway).

At this point, I'm beginning to believe that the problem is either in the BS code, or is completely external, possibly relating to the Gnutella architecture. Hard to say, since restarting BS would be likely to fix either situation. I think.


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