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Default Use of "Sticky's"

Originally Posted by limewire View Post
Ah man! Have you guys forgotten? Newbs don't read stickies either Sorry guys your request is falling on deaf ears
Ok, if sticky's are so important, why not make them obvious for "newbies". Don't have time for your games. If you want to post a "sticky" - make it obvious for all to see and know what it is. I don't have time to get a degree in forumism 101! If you're so concerned about "Newbies", why not be a part of solutions rather than continue to be a part of the proliferation and defamation? You once were, what they are now. How many times did you screw up on a forum (any forum) before you learned the ropes. You mistakenly assume that because you have all the answers and excel in perfectionism, that everyone else should also and you portray an image that "newbies" are doing this deliberately. Why not just cut to the chase and post a big sign that says "NO NEWBIES ALLOWED"! You better wake up real soon and realize that newbies are the life-blood of any forum and without them, this or any forum will experience a "slow-death". Or perhaps that is your wish! Personally, I'm glad to have them. WELCOME ABOARD NEWBIES!

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