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hello i am new to these forums, but not new to limewire or torrents - i use bit tornado to open my torrents, and search for them from the pirate bay. now i have intsalled the most recent version of limewire for windows xp, when i click a link from the pirate bay, lime wire opens it. i would prefre of my torrents open in bit tornado, so how do i STOP them opening in Limewire??

i found this thread after a google search for limwire and bit torrents . . .. so please help me someone!!!

p.s. i have already looked in the options for limewire . . .

(Tools > Options)

and selected the bit torrent drop down menu on the left. i unchecked the box for torents to start automatically in limewire, and also unchecked the box in the advanced options to allow limewore to control my settings . . .but my torrents still open in limewire!!! help, i really dont want them too!!!
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