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Peerless, I think you made a wise decision to switch to Nationwide. The only reason I don't have them now is that they don't offer coverage in this wonderful armpit of a state I now live in. When I lived in Chicago, I switched to them after I rear-ended this dumb biatch with my Landcruiser after she slammed on the brakes at a railroad crossing claiming there was a train coming, where there was no train. Come to find out she has a fear of crossing train tracks thus the reason for slamming on her brakes, and me slamming into her at 10 mi/hour-causing $5K in damage to her car, where both of her side view mirrors just fell off of her toyota camry, and barely scratching my heavy steel bumper. Anyway, after USAA raised my rates, I switched to Nationwide, after which I realized that USAA was ripping me off by more than $600 per year!!

I went back to USAA after moving to the East coast and finding out Nationwide doesn't offer coverage in this state due to high rates of insurance fraud. After seeing Progressive's commercials running repeatedly, I switched to Progressive after USAA was about to renew my policy and RAISE my rates with no reason for the increase or why my rates were so high. Now, I am a single male over 30, with NO accidents, a safe driving course to my name (elective to reduce my rates), and no tickets, and went from a fully loaded X5 to a four cylinder Acura with no reduction in rates! Progressive saved me over $600 per year, with BETTER coverage, even offering certain coverages that are not even available with USAA, such as total vehicle replacement coverage where if you have a newer model vehicle (within last 1-2 years) that is totaled in an accident, they will pay for the vehicle replacement and not just the blue book amount.

I would love to see Peerless stick it to those USAA pricks in San Antonio for ripping me off!!! If I still lived in Corpus Crappy, Texas I would do it myself!!

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