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Default Question about Bearshare?

Hi!! My name is Jay and this is my first post on this forum. I have Bearshare which I use to download movies and pictures from. I have Version 5.0.2. something. I think. I have a question though. Lately, I have tried to download pictures and movies from Bearshare. Some work just fine and others don't. There is a theme to the ones that don't work. Every time I download a file like this and go to view it, I get this saying. It comes up with a picture or movie that says that "I have won a free pass to" or some other website. It gives me a screenname and password to access this site. Is anybody getting these besides me? Am I doing something wrong? Can Aaron or anybody else help me with this? Is this part of the Bearshare sabotage that was talked about in one of the posts I read? Thanks!! Jay
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