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Default More re: lowadeck and the file name extension change problem

i was downloading a program in limewire - some how it was a bad one at that point all my music (type files) got compressed and moved from audio to programs (application type files) and none of it will play - all the music got zipped i have been trying for days to figure out how to get my music back - its not deleted - just the type was changed and compressed - how do you change the type to mp3 so the files can be played through windows media player or just get it back to normal? this would really help me - i basically lost 3000 songs - right now they all say zip and are compressed - please help me or if you know someone that can i would really appreciate your help thanks alot hope to here from you
First, lowadeck, I apologise for qouting here your Private Message to me... This is something I normally never do without first asking permission... But, I'm sure you won't be too worried about it, right ???!!!

It is much better for you to have access to as many other people as possible to solve your problem !

Please give us more basic info about your computer...
Operating System
LimeWire Version
Internet Security type programs...
etc., etc.

My first question for you is simple... Are you SURE that the files have actually been 'compressed'... Are the files smaller in size than the originals that you downloaded... Or, more probable, are the files really the same original size and have simply had the file name extension changed from (for example) .mp3 to .zip ???
Are the file names all .zip or are there any that have been changed to .rar or .sit ???

Main thing for now ist that you should be VERY careful... Don't delete anything !
Be patient... HONEST, it pays in the end !

Hang in there.... Others will also be answering you, OK ?

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