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Default A quick follow-up...

Please try the following...
(I do NOT know what anti-virus and/or firewall stuff you are running so the next bit may not work, depending on how your current protection software works... But, I do know that what I am about to suggest to you works very well happily with Avast... Avast is, in my opinion, the best Internet Security gear available today...)

Right, all that said...

Do a search for a program called

Prevx 2.0

I mean do a search on Google or whatever... Do NOT try to download a p2p based (LimeWire or any other) 'offering' of this program !!! ALL versions being 'shared' are with Trojan launchers... Don't believe me ? Try them, ha ha ha ha ha !

There is a full function trial version available for 30 days use.
It's also really cheap to buy a 1 year license !

Download it and SAVE it to My Documents or something... NOT to your Desktop!
Do NOT select Open after the Download completes... SAVE it !
Install it... Be sure to have your internet connection enabled during all of the install process.

Be patient because the first-time install can take quite a long time...

Run the various scans available...


Prevx is the most effective 'cleaner' I have ever used... It fixes all the stuff that Norton and Avast and Kaspersky and others do not get or cannot access and repair and/or delete.

Last, for anyone reading the above posts... Screw AVG... It's junk.
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