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If you don't have a 4.12.11 Pro installer saved, you'll lose that version if you install the basic 4.14.8

A few people have had problems with the latest version, but then that's bound to happen when a new version's released! Have a read through the different forum sections & see what people have to say about 4.14.8. I'm using it & haven't had any problems so far. The new version has torrent support.


Pro lets you connect to a few more hosts (eg 14 if you have a T3 connection) so the potential for faster downloads is there. Pro connects you to 5 ultrapeers, compared to basic's the potential for better search results is there. Whether or not you see much difference between basic & Pro depends a bit on what kind of files you're looking for as well...lots of people say that you'll see more of a difference if you're searching for rarer files.
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