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Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
Wrong!!!! Never uninstall LimeWire using the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel!!! You will cause major problems with your system as LW will not be properly removed. The way to uninstall LW is by going to the Start menu > Programs > LW > Uninstall.

Besides, the LW installer will remove the previous version at the beginning of the installation process.

(Not since before LW 4.4 could you use the Add/Remove control panel to remove LW. LW now uses a totally different installer type!)

If the file is within iTunes Library then select the song in the iTunes main library & press delete button or go to edit menu & press clear. If the file is within the LW downld folder, then send to recycle bin.

But normally to remove the file names from the iTunes LW playlist, simply remove the files from the LW downld folder & restart iTunes.
how do you get it to the recycle bin it wont let me
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