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Default ATTENTION: LW Pro users!! Update info!!

LW Pro users: If you see a 'New Version Available' link on your LW page - DON'T update unless...

1. You bought LW Pro from the official site Lime Wire Official Website & Free Download, BitTorrent within the timeframe specified when you bought Pro.
If you bought Pro with 6 months of free updates & email support then you MUST still be within that 6 month timeframe (ie you must have paid for Pro less than 6 months ago).
If you bought Extended Pro with 12 months of free updates & email support then it needs to be less than 12 months since you purchased.
If you choose the option to update & haven't bought Pro from the official site (payment to Limewire LLC), or if your Pro benefits are out of date YOU COULD FIND YOURSELF UPDATING TO THE LATEST BASIC VERSION WITH NO WAY TO RECOVER PRO.


You have Pro installers saved. Even if you've bought Pro from the official site, you'll only be able to download another Pro installer from the LW site if your Pro benefits are still current. Your email address won't be recognised if your Pro's out of date!!
All LW Pro users need to be aware that you must save & back up Pro installers.

LW keeps a few old versions available for Mac users to download & at the moment LW 4.18.8 is available for Windows users to download.
These are basic installers. LW doesn't make past Pro installers available for download!!

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