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Exclamation " .NFO " files after download comleted are "not share"

After download complete 100% and I open the file in "Library" I notice ".NFO" files are in red color - which means "Not Shared"
I have to click "right mouse button" and to make them "Share".
If I do not do this I have been kicked off from torrent site that i download for reason "Not seeding after download".

I don't mind manually to "right mouse click and to Share" but i have to be 24/7 in front of the computer.....

My question is: Can this issue be done automatically and why only ".NFO" is red but the main files like " .AVI " , " .str" , " .jpg", ".mp3" and etc are automatically in black color - ready to "Share"?

Thank you for any suggestion!
LimeWire 4.14.8 / Vista
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