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Originally Posted by wondering why View Post
Go to your connections Tab in limewire, if it's not showing up go to Veiw > Show/Hide and make sure the connection tab has a tick next to it...
Then click on the Hosts and remove them and let Limewire search for some more...
It is also wise to go to your Filters, to find this go to Tools > Options > Filters and select the Host Filter and add these IP's into it and select apply...
That's how to filter out those dodgy hosts

If that doesn't work, you could also try these:
1. In LW go tools > options > searching > basic & check whether the 'show license warning' box is ticked. If it does, untick it > Apply > ok...see if that makes any difference.

2. Delete LW's preferences folder when LW's properly closed. See point 3 here & also point 2 if you've used older versions of LW in the past (there could be a folder in either location).
Fixes for LimeWire
This will kill all of your settings within options, you'll have to go back through afterwards & reset things.
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