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couple things i had shareza like 2 years ago. i always had that connection problem. its always been liek that....

answering james who was talking about the lady who got sued....

heres story about my aunt dumbest lady in the world...
she orders kazaa ok..she pays by credit card ,she gives them all her personal information.. then she sets there and downloads music like ....well cant say names on this but some 80s rock bands and some big time hip hop stars...she gets a note in the mail like 2 weeks later ,stating every song she downloaded times and dates and a letter saying that charges where going to be filed against her if she did not stop....

I told her retarted are you to set there and give out all your personal information to a company whos product lets you download pirated music....and think there not gonna bust you for it. i mean thats common since...the people who are mainly geting busted are people who are stupied and they pay a fee like say 20 dollars a month to use said file share product then they download pirated music and think oh well ..even tho they no where i live,they have my social sercurity number, telephone number they wont get me...the people who get caught are the stupied people who pay for the sharing networks.....

if your gonna down load music that your not suposed to it from one where they dont have any info on you ..where they dont even know you exist

and my aunt, shes still downloading the music. and her dumbness will end up in the slammer . goes to show
some people have a pea sized brain
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