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I have recently become a victim of this.

For the last week I have been unable to connect, and can't figure out why.

We have 2 computers here, both running through the same wireless router. Both computers have the same settings, but mine won't connect!!

I have run Beardiag, but the results are complete gibberish. But they are virtually identical for both machines (the only difference being the part about operating systems/computer specs etc)

It makes no sense why 1 machine won't connect, yet the other has no problems.

I have tried the port forwarding suggestions, the resetting of the router suggestion, and pretty much everything else that these forums (and others) suggest.

In the end I decided to back up all my files, reformat my drive, and reinstall windows and the bearshare program (in case there was a virus or something I could not detect on my system), but still it just says 'hosts not connected'.......

This is driving me crazy. Does anyone have a definitive answer as to why this is happening????

Is there a solution????
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