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Originally Posted by getu32 View Post
but each time when i start the program it displays a note "Phex isnt able to control or moniter the content of Gneutella network"...but after that its working gives a lot of erronous reasults during search.....
That note is fine. Phex is not able to monitor the Gnutella network, and it will never be able to do so.

Just keep that in mind when you do seaches

but when i turn of my laptop and restart downloading next day...98% of the time....i dont get a link to that down load ... It might be the problem of the link or peer not being active...
Most people are offline after a day, or their IP changed, so your observation is correct.

i also feel that when it is writing to HDD its slightly freezing my laptop for 1-2 sec.....i have quite a good config of 2.0 GHz duo core AMD Turon with 1GB RAM and 80 GB SATA HDD
It could be a motherboard issue. I experience the same when I copy huge amounts of data from one disk to another.

How often does it occur?

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