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Hi McCarty
I had the same problem and asked the same questions. They are extremely VALID questions and should be asked of Limewire. It is very tacky and unprofessional on the part of Limewire to treat registered customers in this way.
You download and use a free version of some application and are constantly reminded about the benefits of registration, then when you do you're treated like *&^%$&*.
I have been an exponent of, if you like and continue to use any application that has a free version, pay the registration to support the developer. I have done this with many applications. However, when it comes time for needing help, most (in my personal experience) are useless.
I am becoming very warm to the idea of hauling up the Jolly Roger until these “two-bit” organisations introduce things like, “service’ and “support’ into their psyche.
I will not be paying another registration fee to Limewire.
Good luck with whatever you decide to do next.
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