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Post A Ripper / Burner Program

I'd like some informed feedback regarding a Ripper/Burner program. I'm in the market for one. If you have knowledge and/or experience with one I'd appreciate some feedback and/or suggestions on a decent -> good program. I'd like to not spend more than a couple of hundred dollars on one, less the better naturally. Tell me about some programs out there with sources if known, their features and upgrade-ability and any known pro or con regarding the program.

I have a Plextor drive, matter of fact I have 3 Plextors (on two computers) that can all burn CD+g and MP3+g and etc files. I want to rip and burn the various popular video formatted Karaoke songs, to edit, change the tempre, remove the vocal track and etc to mix tracks and to customize myself a disc of my favorites Karaoke songs.

Just how much use would Nero 7 (the full blown $99 version) do for me in any of this? If you have experience with Karaoke and what I'm asking about then how about sharing your experience with me here. I'm learning here but still have much more to learn yet. Thanks.
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