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Default Recommendation for MP3 Audio Book car player?

I'm hoping you folks can help me out with a Christmas gift for my wife. She loves audio books and listens daily during her 2 hour commute. She'd like an MP3 player to use in the car since she can download books for free at our library.

She needs a player that's easy to use while driving. She has a shakey hand due to a nerve disorder so fine motions are hard. She doesn't like to drive and use the cell phone at the same time so I'm concerned about her actually using a player. "pause" and resume from where it left off after being powered down would be critical.

It would have to play thru the car radio / CD / tape head somehow.

Also, I'm wondering if it is possible to just copy the book to a USB memory stick at the library and burn a CD. That would resume and pause. But would probably not have any 'tracks' for easy indexing. What do you think?
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