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Default Queue control and specifying priority

Well, approx 2 years has gone by since this thread was started with no changes... too bad.

It would be a lot easier on the LW users if the Priority Que arrow did not have to be clicked for each increment of change in priority.

Why not give us buttons that increment until you stop holding them down?

Then, how about keeping track of the priority changes made, instead of forcing the user to redo them all the next time they start LW again?

Making someone that has a large download que go through all that clicking, then to throw away their work, with an across the board priority reset back to original levels, makes no sense at all to me.

You have a que priority routine, how about making it work better? The way it is now is WAY too cumbersome, and has to be redone after each start up of LW, instead of being useful in maintaining priorities until you want to change them for some reason.

Please make it easier to make priority changes and stop clearing out the priority changes made during that session by the user at program end.
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