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Default i have a major issue here...firstly,let me start from the beginning.on numerous times,i've read over and over again about limewire users( basic and PRO)on the internet,claiming that they can connect to 20-30 hosts and downloading speed between 90-500kbps no matter where they are(location/country).well,i wish i could say the same.they are happy,i'm not.i've been using limewire for two years now and all i get is maximum 10 hosts and speed up to 15kbps(on a good day somore!!)i've been putting up with that for a long time but i can't take it anymote.i use limewire mostly to download movies and songs..and i have to wait for days before it completes which can be very frusterating if you don't have anything else to do meanwhilea year ago,i purchased limewire PRO,but still that didn't make a difference.recently,i got myself a wireless router and a adsl modem.i installed limewire on my laptop.well,the speed improved a bit,from 15kbps to 39kbps.but i'm still not satisfied.i've done my part of trying every tips there is out there but none have worked for me so far.i've tried the T3,Four Star results only tips but no avail.i mean i'm happy that the speed has gone up now,but it must be because of the router and maybe limewire seem to work better when used wirelessly.could that be true? but what i really want to know or solve is,how can i get those much talked about speed i mentioned above??could it be that i'm just unlucky or maybe i've not configured limewire to work at optimal performance?if there is a way,could someone tell me how?the someones that claim they download at tremendous speed?lastly,i've susbscriped to my local ISP package which is 1.0Mbps..maybe that is the root of all my limewire problem?
anyway thanks alot for the help in advance..i hope i get a reply soon..i need a solution,not suggestions or tips anymore..
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