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Default Allstate Insurance

I'm guessing most people have an insurance horror story to tell. I'll just say that my experience with Allstate in Connecticut was a nightmare. The agent told me one thing, the adjusters told me something else, they tried to cheat me out of paying a claim, and on one auto claim I discovered they were using replacement parts from a salvage yard. They made a deductions from everything to tread wear to paint. I also had my homeowners insurance through them and went through the same hell.
The insurance commissioner in our state is useless because he has no power to act on complaints. I suspect this is true in many states.
I've noticed over the past year Allstate is advertising their many new insurance innovations. But buyer beware! There's always a catch with them. Even when you read the fine print. they make up the rules as they go along and call them "industry standards".
Not all insurance companies are underhanded, sneaky, lying, thieves, but you have to do your homework, ask lots of questions, get everything in writing and know your policy inside out and backwards.
I have a new insurance agent now with an established insurance company and so far they've been great. It's Hanover Insurance and I mention this because I believe they are fair and, dare I say, honest. Live and learn!
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