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Question Another curious observation

Ok as I said now that I got my own internal network and thereby first time in long 2 computers (soon more) online at the same time i did some little experiment running Phex on the win2k box and the linux Mdk8.2 router...

I made one default client to the win2k (on the phex on the router (wich sas the and a real Ip)

What happened is that the connection repeatedly timed out and sometimes the it would say connected(deprecated) Why ? Does Phex consider its own protokol deprecated ?
And why would it time out it pings in 750 avarage microseconds ?

There is another thing to consider which i do not completly scan yet ... that is the Mandrake-Wizard that did the router setup for me i guess also configured to mask the ip of the trough traffic (besides seting up the dhcp service...)

Anyhow I am glad I see other people considering learning the phex code cause I realize most little improvements necessary to get me back online are easy to implement ... (filtering of blocked ports from the hostcatcher...)

Anyhow Hope that is interesting to anybody ...

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