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Default this is worrying for those accidental downloads people have had..

700 paedophile suspects the tip of the iceberg says agent - Edinburgh Evening News

saw this in the news yesterday. 700 people in a city of about 400,000 seems a bit steep. Does this mean people who have accidentally downloaded cp will be on this list and therefore be "guilty". If only 10,000 images from these 700 computers were found then there must have been a lot of people with only a few accidentally downloaded images in their shared folder if you consider there must have been at least one person with hundreds.
So if you accidentally click on a cp download and it goes into your shared folder for 5 minutes before you notice it and delete it you could be guilty. Hope the Feds thought about this possibility but from the sheer huge number identified i think there are a lot of unfortunate innocents (including me, caused me to uninstall limewire altogether) that could be in trouble. Thanks cp traders, thats you got a lot of people shafted.
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