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Originally Posted by Shartog View Post
This thread ROCKS! Thanks for a ton of help on getting my 'ol BS back online.

BUT! There seems to be a new problem. When I search for a particular file, say an mp3, the one that has the most sources automatically is "downloaded" -- but not by me! The program automatically is doing it, making it impossible to choose the file with the most sources and forcing me to have to choose a file that will take longer to dload.

Did I make myself understood? What's going on here??

- Ol BS Guy
BearShare doesn't automatically download any files that show up in searches. If
that file showed up in green lettering before you selected any for download, it's
because you already have that exact same file, even if it has a different filename.

Right-click the column headings in the the Search, Downloads and Library views
and enable the SHA1 column so you can search your folders and can tell which
file it is.

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