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Originally Posted by AaronWalkhouse View Post
BearShare doesn't automatically download any files that show up in searches. If
that file showed up in green lettering before you selected any for download, it's
because you already have that exact same file, even if it has a different filename.

Right-click the column headings in the the Search, Downloads and Library views
and enable the SHA1 column so you can search your folders and can tell which
file it is.
I'm not sure you understand completely what I am saying. When I input what I am searching for ([edit]), the prog searches for mp3's that fall under that criteria. I am saying that SOMETHING is AUTOMATICALLY making it impossible to dload the file that has the most sources BECAUSE ITS ALREADY DLOADED. I didn't do it, and that file is not in existance on my computer. The program did it, in other words.

Anyone else experience something similar??

- Ol BS User

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