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Default Well...

I'm not sure you understanding exactly what is going on, Aaron. I am unable to dload the file with the most sources (the optimum file, as it were), because its appearing to have been already dloaded. I'm not sure what a SHA1 is, but the file I am trying to dload comes up in the search as already having been dloaded, so I can't copy anything down cuz there isn't a dload for that file on my computer.

For example, when I left-click the supposed already-dloaded file (I just did after searching u2 + twilight, and it came up with a file, in green, with 238 sources) and then click "Browse Hosts", most of the hosts (but not all!) only have that particular file in question listed. In other words, something is smelly here.

Is that a bit more clearer?
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