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So its best to use the version that Aaron has sugested in the very 1st post then,
the expired beta 5.1.0b25 and the BearStart utility.

So the expired beta is the actual bear share program just that its expired, but what is the actual bearstart utility? how dose it work.
Obviously its to do with starting up bear share, is it needed because of the bearshare being expierd?

Cheers for the help.once some one tells me this info ill get on to downloading and installing it too my xp laptop.

One lsat thing. What can you download using this version? as i did have one of the newst, well i downloaded it like 2006 -07 i think, but all u cud dl was music and video clips. and yet the person who told me about bearshare said that the older version he had you cud dl games, apps, music , films etc,

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