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Default Wow.

I would tend to be suspect when someone makes absolute statements -- experience has taught me that when I make statements like that, I more than likely will be wrong.

I. Did. Not. Download. That. File. Period. Now, taking that statement by face value, if there is anything in your experience that matches what I have said in past postings? If not, please let others try to answer the question.

Here it is, again, for anyone else: Taken as a given that I have dloaded and configured BS as suggested at the beginning of the thread. I put in a search request ([edit] for example). Take it also for granted that I HAVE NEVER DLOADED ANY TYPE OF FILE THAT EVEN COMES CLOSE TO THE VALUE STATED ABOVE, i.e., no "[edit]" and no "[edit]" The search returns with a lot of files, of course -- popular band, popular song. The experience I am seeing, over and over again with almost all file requests, is the file with the most sources, either immediately or very shortly, becomes green indicating it has already been downloaded. When clicked on anyway (as if I wanted to dload it), it sometimes WILL say its been dloaded, but to a different directory and a file name not in existance.

Aaron suggests looking for this supposedly already dloaded file by its SHA1 hash. Excellent suggestion! Unfortunately, I cannot find a way for Windows to identify files by SHA1 hashes, and when I try to get BS to look at the library, it blows out the prog and I have to restart.

I see the problem as having to do either with something the owners are developing to hamper users, or people putting files up that are erroneous. I find the latter to be suspect, simply because of the amount of sources that BS is reporting -- hundreds in some file searches.

If Aaron is still with us at this point, I would welcome a stab at a cause that does NOT reflect me "forgetting" (apparently) that I already downloaded the file in question. Its an understandable assumption, but please, believe me when I tell you, unequivocably, that this is not the case.

- Ol BS User

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