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Like I said before, the file will have a different filename, one that you don't expect.
That's why you have to use the SHA1 value, which is absolutely reliable.

Your assumption that you don't have the file is what's tricking you now.
Your absolute statement is definitely and clearly wrong because BearShare itself is telling you
unequivocally and explicitly that you already have that file. BearShare is basing that
determination on the fact that the file you already have is an exact byte-for-byte copy
of the one you are trying to download, even though the filename is different enough that
you can't recognize it.

For the third time I will repeat (Do this in BearShare, not in Windows):
Right-click the column headings in the the Search, Downloads and Library views
and enable the SHA1 column so you can search your folders and can tell which
file it is.
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