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Default If you've updated LW and can't find your downloads!

The location of the saved & shared folders have changed in newer versions of LW & this can effect how files show in your library.
If you've updated to the latest LW & suddenly find that your files aren't showing in your library, this might help.

The old:
LW's default location for saving files used to be:
C:\Documents and Settings\your username\Shared.

This was also the default location for the shared folder.

The new saved folder locations:
4.15.0 Beta - 4.16.0 C:\Documents and Settings\username\LimeWire Saved
4.16.1 onwards to 5 C:\Documents & Settings\username\My Documents\LimeWire\Saved

The new shared folder locations:
4.15.0 Beta - 4.16.0 C:\Documents and Settings\username\LimeWire Shared
4.16.1 onwards C:\Documents & Settings\username\My Documents\LimeWire\Shared

So...if your files have suddenly stopped showing up in your library, check for the files in C:\Documents and Settings\your username\shared.
Chances are, that's where your files will be.

If this is what's happened to you, you can find your old shared/saved folder (look in the old location) &
(a) add it for sharing by going to LW's tools > options > sharing, find the old folder, add it > apply > ok.

(b)Change the location of your saved/shared folders in the new version so that it's the same as the old folder.
If you want to do this, go to LW's tools > options > saving...make the saving location the same as your old saved folder location > apply > ok. Then go tools > options > sharing...make the sharing location the same as your old shared/saved folder location > apply > ok.

If you're really stuck & files aren't in any of the locations that I've stated here, use your computer's search to look for some of the file names.
Find out where they're stored & then add those files/folders to your saved/shared folder(s).

If you search for files & they don't show up on your computer at all, maybe they've been accidentally deleted. In that case, have a look at this thread.
Or use Google to search for more file recovery advice.

Remember...DON'T save your downloads within C:\Program Files\LimeWire.
If you do that, then uninstalling LW will also remove all of your downloads

I'm an XP user & so this is from an XP point of view. I've never used Vista, so I don't know if there are differences in locations between the two OSs.

Sorry for any confusion with the location of saved & shared folders! The default locations have changed twice, it all depends on which version of LW you have installed.

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