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I agree it is annoying that people can disguise files by renaming them. There is no obvious way of stopping it though. You can report people who put sick images of course.

However it still won't stop it, and it won't stop people from being put at risk so long as there are people out there willing to risk legal trouble so that they can disseminate this media and get as many people in trouble as possible. I think they want that so that it will not be punished, and then they can look at it without hassle.

In a way, I do think this might be a better solution. Much more important than people seeing the tragedies that occur over the net, is to prevent these tragedies in the first place. Having people seeing something and being able to recognize it and help the police stop it might be very useful. Somehow I do think victims in **** movies care more about stopping the rapist compared to stopping the videos.
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