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Default [Feature Request] Connect to different UP-vendors

It seems every time I connect, the only UP's I get are LimeWire's. Would be nice to see Phex have the ability to force/search to other UP-vendors as well.

I haven't used Gnutella in quite a while, but I do remember that it used to be the case that connecting to a BearShare-UP (in the time the real BearShare was still arround), I would get much much much more search-results.

I have the feeling this might still be the case:

searching for Phex using Limewire UP's resulted in either 0, 1 outdated or 1 valid result. The bulk of the times, the net results where 0. Same goes for FrostWire. Searching for it has yet to find a single source. On other file I know is around but relatively rare (~200 sources) resulted in 1 result, 3 sources of which 2 invalid. (Eventually, the 1 valid source provided me with 100 alternative locations.)

In the case of Frostwire btw; Why is it that a search for Frostwire seems to be translated to a search for Limewire? I get ~200 sources for Limewire 4.16.6 in a split second, while doing a search for Frostwire.
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