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First... What version of BearShare are you now using ?

The basic answer to your question is that those files that you wish to share must be selected as your sharing files... Simple, huh ?

Go to your LIBRARY Page...

Click on 'Folders' (on the left of the page.)

A configuration page will open...
First, click on DESELECT ALL (This is for your security.)

Next, select, by check-mark, those folders you wish to share.

Click on OK.

Now, WAIT. Maybe wait quite a while as the files you have elected to share must be "hashed"... In simple language this means that the 'unique signature' for each file must be generated. If the files you are sharing are large in size then it may take up to 30 minutes or so for the hashing process to complete.

Be sure to be extra careful and do NOT 'unknowingly' share any files... This is why I first recommended that you perform the 'Deselct All' function !

Hope it helps... Please let us know, OK ?

p.s. If your question was more related to the process of converting a DVD to a compressed video/audio format file that can then be shared, please go to the Tips & Tricks forum here... You will find a lot of very helpful info about ripping and converting DVDs.
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