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Update: Some ridiculous things I noticed when acting as UP.

It seems your advertised speed goes to dial-up for your shared files, at least in v.4.17.1.

Also in the same version it is not possible to choose higher connections when setting up. I had to choose between having Dial-Up or Broadband. Broadband gave me the choice to either have unlimited Up/Down speed or max 43.31KB/s using the slider. There is no choice for choosing any other option to set your speed.

Guess the Limewire Dev team continue to strip the the more advanced users choice for setting up the program. Reminded me why I dumped it for something better. What about the user that likes to use more than just Limewire for file sharing? If I choose Unlimited, I risk stealing bandwidth from other programs, so guess I'm stuck on 43.31KB/s.

I wonder when or if they ever will start listening to the users.

BTW CPU-usage had a lot of spikes at over 30% (mostly 3-12% between the spikes) and it was using 140MB RAM???? This was on a 1.7Ghz laptop, portforwarded, disabled TLS and DHT, although unfortunately they don't completely disable DHT even when you choose to disable it. They only disable outgoing. Maybe the integrated Limewire Store browser capabilities have something to do with it too

My advise is find an older version, pre-BitTorrent support i.e. before v.4.13

[Sarcasm]Well at least it connected fast[/Sarcasm]

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