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Default Sharing a network drive

It seems the new "anti-identity theft features" disallow sharing a whole drive. In my opinion, this is pointless. I guess its to protect the layer 8 challenged who will lazily share their entire C drive so they don't have to figure out where they stored their files, leading to their browser cookies and financial files and whatever else being advertised to the world. However, these people could just as easily share their "My Documents" tree, and then save a text file with the passwords to all their financial websites in there, so it wouldn't be much help to them. On top of that, there are drives other than C in the world- I happen to have 4 network drives, one of which is dedicated to music, nothing else. So to not be able to share an entire drive is silly, I know what's on my drives and what can be shared and what can't, why put an artificial obstacle in my way? Blocking the root of C is reasonable. Blocking the root of all drives is unreasonable. Or at least make it an option that blocks by default, but can be overridden, perhaps with scary warnings to dissuade those who don't fully understand the consequences of their actions.
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