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Red face LW ok, Morpheus not Connecting.. HELP -please

Hi everyone. I'm totally new here so I don't know where to begin or what to do..
Starting.. I downloaded Morpheus 5.5 -[I****** version[/I]- Friday 28th March 2008. 4 days ago. It worked just fine. Although it had some PopUps that drove my McAfee nuts! :-P I saw the purchasing of Morpheys 5.5 Ultra as an opportunity and bought it.
Since then all I do is search everywhere and anywhere what to do in order to connect.
Turned my firewall off.. Uninstalled reinstalled the program.. Uninstall & install the previous free version which now didn't connect at all.
I tried to "register" at Morpheus forums ..still waiting for the "registration mail reply".
So I gave up..
Then (accidentaly) I saw Limeware. Downloaded it & installed it. It connects and downloads just fine (a little slow but it's ok)!!! -I just can't connect to some "LW shop".
Since Limeware works, shouldn't Morpheus work as well..?
Is there someone that can help please?
I'm using Vista and McAfee if that helps..

Sorry for the "so large" post but I'm completelly lost
thank you
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