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Default Scheduled Searches and or Downloads

Many of us in this small world of ours are getting ripped off by the satelite ISP The main reason is because Hughesnet limits our downloads to just 250 MB (depending on the plan) per 24 hour period. And get this, all for low the cost of only $89.99 bucks per month. What a deal for BFTD (Barely Faster Than Dialup) speed. But Hughenet has us by the private parts becuase we live in the country or we may be in the millitary on deployment over-seas. In all fairness, Hughesnet claims to have plans to launch their own satelite in early 2009 that will greatly clear up network congestion.

Now... currently there is one great thing about Between the hours of 3:00 AM and 6:00 AM EST; Anything goes. Unlimited downloads!!! Get in as much as you you can because at 6:00 AM EST the doenload clock starts ticking again. Limewire, we love and we would love you even more if you would give us the ability to search and schedule our downloads.

I'm sure you have already thought of this idea and yes I understand some of the limitations but why not BETA it and see how it goes.

When will I schedule my Limewire downloads? You guesed it; at 3:00 AM.


Riley Kinn, Ohio
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