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First, you're going to maybe hear a lot of other opinions about CODECs and what 'packs' are best...

I've tried many of them and always come back to

> Cole2k Codecs

If you decide to try this pack, be sure to download ONLY the Standard Pack and use ONLY the 'Easy' install... NOT Advanced.
And, you don't need the toolbar that's offered !

After installing any CODEC pack, you MUST shutdown your computer and then do a normal 'cold' start.

After, you should be able to play almost anything...

If you update WMP or install any other player that comes bundled with its own CODEC pack you will need to properly uninstall the CODEC pack you have downloaded and installed previously and then reinstall it.
This is a HARD FACT for ALL CODEC packs !

(Many 'players', including WMP, don't actually inform you that your installed CODECs will be either altered or deleted.)
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