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Originally Posted by arne_bab View Post
Closed group sharing alongside sharing within Gnutella won't be in for some time (except if a Java coder comes along who wants to do it him-/herself ).
What I ment was, in Phex I can create my own network, or choose the Gnutella one, that is default. But the shared files are the same. So when I start up with my own network I share the same files as when I started with Gnutella. And the other way around.

Now what I would like is that every network created in Phex can have their own shared files. So lets say I have a network called Family_And_Friends_007, the settings and shared folder would be in a different folder. So when I choose to use the default network, my private shares will not be available there. This would all be localy, so changing network in Phex would mean switching settings for the sharedfolder.

So, I would not need an along side network. When I switch, my network does, my settings do and the shared folder does also.

... I hope I could explain more clearly what I ment...

And about the images, I can see that something is coming to excistence there. But, I do see the challenges there. Maybe use it only as an extension when using your own created private networks in Phex?
( Allthough they are still GNUtella this might be possible as an extension.)

But it is easy for me to have ideas about it. The programming challence is something else...
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