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Default downloading the LWPRO

I can down load from LW with no problems it is downloading the update of LW pro it does not know my email when I put it in to download the newer version of LW pro It has nothing to do with my system it is your registration program that will not let me download from your web site I had the lime wire pro on this system and it said it needed the newer version to fix errors so I went to download the LW and I down loaded the free one because I could not download the LW PRO

1. OS version? (eg: Windows 98) If using Windows Vista, please tell us whether you have an Administrator user account.
2. What firewalls you have?
3. How much ram?
4. Hard Disk space available?
alot of gigs
5. Connection type? (eg: dialup, broadband, cable, etc.)
6. Modem & router brand name & model numbers?
7. Where are you trying to connect from (house, appartment complex, school, student accomodation, work, etc.)?
8. What version of LimeWire (LW) & Java do you have? (Go to LW's menu Help>About LW...) Will show both LW & Java version.
lw 4.16.7 Jave 1.6.0_05
9. Who is your ISP (Internet Service Provider)?
10. Do this simple test for us. Using your browser go here: The page should say 'Your test worked!'. What happens when you go there?
Your test worked!
11. Are you sharing the connection with other computers or p2p sharing programs? If yes, please give details of set up.

12. Is this a your 1st try at LW or is this a new problem with an experienced user.
I had the program and it downloads fine I just cant download the newer version of the LW pro because it will not recognize my email address
13. Do you see a brick wall in front of the blue world icon at the bottom of LW's interface? _ click here to see Sample image
14. For those using a modem/router, how is your modem/router set up...are you port forwarding or is UPnP enabled?
15. What security programs are you using (antivirus etc)? Some people might not be aware that their security suite includes a firewall
16. What country are you living in? Sometimes there are ISPs with the same name in more than one country (eg Clearwire in the USA & also in Ireland).USA
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