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Thanks for your reply. Call me thick but can l just recount the problem.
Until recently all downloaded music went into my "My Music" file on the pc and from there l could do as l wished with it. After l downloaded a recent update all downloads went into a file called "Individually Shared Files" with none of these downloads going into my "My Music" file. I soon realised the only way to play these downloads was to be connected to LW. After reporting this to LW or Gnutela, whatever that is, and messing about with settings, all my downloads now go into both the My Music and Individually Shared Files file, however, l still can't drag the original 50 or so that only went into the Individually Shared Files into the My Music file... hope you are following this. I also don't see any reference to an itunes file on my pc or on the LW page???

Originally Posted by Lord of the Rings View Post
Drag and drop the song files from the download folder, not the LW program. You drop them onto the Library icon at the top of iTunes playists.

An alternative is to go to iTunes File menu ... Add to Library. Then direct it to where your LW download folder is.

For fast & easy access, go to your LW Library window, select Saved Files folder or Shared folder & press the Explore button. Sample image here: Using Library Explore button to access downld folder (click on link) & the folder will open up for you.

I saw someone else have a problem and it was due to their folder permissions. Check the folder permissions and make sure you have "FULL" permissions for both the LW download folder AND the iTunes Music Folder.
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