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Exclamation Could someone help me with this?(Can't watch videos, audio files play fine)

Yes, just like the big title says, I have a huuge problem with bearshare and could really do with your support.

My problems started when bearshare 5 asked me to update, so I did and got Bearshare 6;which I didn't like at all because I couldn't download any movies on there!
So I decided to go back to my old bearshare (5). I found my library was in the exact same order as before, I could get back to downloading videos but only thing stood in my way: I can't watch any videos! As soon as I donwload them and try to open them I get a warning from Windows telling me an error has occured and I have to shut the thing down.
All the audio files work perfectly but I just can't ever watch any video files, not with iTunes, Windows movieplayer, or with a converter.
What's my problem here and what can I do about it?

I would love your help please!!!
That would be just
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