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Hello, my computer was down for like 10 days and now my IT professional BF can't find the energy to walk in the room and find out why. maybe I didn't download a codec or maybe the word "gnutella" has always given me visions I don't want. Also, I always find that my old system was just dandy but I'm jonesing for a EDIT song and need to see my very large library. It's either that, or flavor of love recap thing with thaT girl LaLa.Help me. I know I sound crazy, but my identity was taken today and all my money! But the bf bought a beat up ford focus instead of getting us out of this desert hell. Sorry I'm usually a ray of sunshine, but i have 50 dollars(not begging)and 2 dogs and I still have my creditcards, so what to do? go to the ocean. Late at night. Without bf. Oh geez, I've never wanted that route anyway. I'm a tree hugging animal lover and I am not spending another summer here. Oh, the songs download but won't play and now have an annoying blue records rights bs signal. I guess I should have said the problem first, but i'm on the brink, and the bf ain't coming out good. . Can I remove this after?

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