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AVG is total garbage.
This statement is also applicable to the great majority of 'popular' so-called protection apps.

I do not care what anyone thinks if they are opposed to my above comment.

It is only necessary to search for the 'real' statistics re: so-called success rates in both detection and elimination of 'malware' and 'viruses'.

ANYONE who elects to use AVG is deceiving themself if they believe one single report of results from a scan or alert.

It is totally useless and those who believe that they are protected when using AVG are BAD for all of the rest of us... It actually INCREASES the dangers for all of the rest of us because it is assumed that protection is working when it is NOT.

Challenge my words here if you wish, but I will blow ANY of you out of the water with the worst of arguments----- CURRENT FACTS.

There are huge numbers of posts here from members of all so-called 'qualities' and 'experiences'.... They are ALL nonsense garbage if they say anything other than to REMOVE AVG and use something real.

So there.

btw... False Positives are lies, normally.
Malicious and DELIBERATE lies to encourage people to BUY the garbage apps...
When you actually run the full apps they usually find either nothing, or the usual 'innocent' stuff such as Alexis and others.

REAL A-V protection, today, is available from only 3 companies...
The OTHER REAL PROTECTION... The FUNDAMENTAL PROTECTION, is enhanced by the correct configuration of Windows Accounts and the access permitted to non-Administrator Accounts.


ALL of this information is readily available to ANYONE with an internet connection.

If you do NOT have your User Accounts established correctly than you are ALWAYS going to be vulnerable...

BLAHHHHHH.... Sick of this nonsense and the ludicrous 'advice' endlessly regurgitated by far too many of you !

I wouldn't care at all if it was not for the simple fact that if fools are not wise enough to protect themselves effectively, than p2p networks are going to be increasingly filled with utter sh¡te files.
This I do not like.

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