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Default security questions

Hi all,
I'm quite a long time since, a user of this forum and of LimeWire, appart of the fact that for quite a while I did prefer to use Azureus for UL and mlDonkey and later Pando for DL...
But now, I discovered Phex and i2p, and so I'd really like to see how it works, and what kind of a security one can get...

Phex looks frightfully simple indeed, and I'd like to know if it is always securely connected to i2p... I mean if one gets a file to download from Gnutella, and if it is not a specified i2p file, how does it come ? securely through i2p, or just like by using LimeWire...

I know for instance that using i2p with the browser's gui, one has to look for i2p torrents... otherwise they are not secure (at least I read it)... the only trouble being to find those torrents (Demonoid doesn't seem to indicate them)
Maybe those questions are already answered somewhere, if such is the case, please, sorry, just indicate to me where to look at...
Thanks anyway
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