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Phex is Java, and so is i2Phex, so you should be able to easily adapt it.

I normally only use the SVN version (that's the one the developers currently work on).

For the installation in Linux, please read the first post in the forum thread I posted (the general procedure is still, not to provide a simple "click and I will run" button, because i2Phex is still in testing, and we don't want people who aren't willing to read through a forum post to run an i2Phex and stumble over bugs but unwilling to post them find in the thread).

For it to work, you need i2p running, but I assume you already have it : I2P Anonymous Network - I2P

It _should_ work on OSX in the same way it does in Linux, but we don't yet have a Mac tester, so I can't make promises on that.

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