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Lightbulb My wish list

1. Double click file in upload window to play it
2. Right click menu in uploads window to block an IP so I can quickly stop the leeches that try to download dozens of files at once
3. Auto sorting of search results, maybe download and upload windows too
4. Search results, download and upload windows should all have complete customizing that is saved and restored after launching the program again, i.e. which columns are visible, column width, column position, and sort order.
5. Instead of scanning ALL my files EVERY time LimeWire is launched, which bogs down the CPU and thrashes the disk for far too long, store a database on the disk with the file path, file size, last modified time, checksum and bitrate for MP3 files. Then just compare the database to the files and only scan the files that have changed. This seems to be what the AudioGalaxy Satellite does, and it is very efficient.
6. Every time I launch LimeWire, I have to click the divider to hide the incoming searches window. It should save the position across launches.
7. Separate auto-clear settings for both successful and failed uploads.
8. Ability to refresh an individual directory in the library instead of scanning every shared directory.
9. The anti-freeloader preferencing feature that requires a minimum number of shared files doesn't seem to work. I set it to thousands and I still got tons of hits. I also want the slider to go down to Never instead of just Rarely (10%).
10. I want to be able to disable people being able to browse my shared files. Too often I see people cherry picking a *whole* bunch of my files.
11. A customizable filter with wildcards to eliminate IPs like 10.*, 192.168.*, etc. from search results.
12. A comment field for the banned IPs in the filter hosts list so I can describe why an IP is banned.
13. Fix the number of connections setting so it honors the 6 that I tell it to connect to. It insists on always connecting to 3 at startup.
14. Minimum and maximum file size filters for search.
15. Better detection of a download that's dropped to 0 KB/s.
16. There's a bug sometimes when LimeWire unsuccessfully attempts to connect to someone for a long time and when I cancel it and try to start it again. It will incorrectly claim that I'm all ready downloading that file, even though I cancelled it and it's not in the download window anymore.
17. An anti-leech feature that automatically blocks an IP that tries to request more than a user-specified number of files in a user-specified length of time.
18. Option to automatically cancel uploads slower than X KB/s.
19. Since I upgrade to JRE 1.4, LimeWire will sometimes freeze when I close the preferences window and I have to terminate it.
20. A column that displays estimated time remaining for downloads and uploads.
21. A quick way to turn on and off sharing from the main window.

That's all I can think of for now. I apologize if any of these things have all ready been implemented in newer versions of LimeWire or even in older versions and I haven't noticed them.
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