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Wise people will Bookmark their Personal Pro download page. Go to your email folder & look for your email from customer/sales support & open it & see if the link is still valid. Remember if you paid for 6 months & that length of time has passed then your name will have been removed from their database. Another way to check is go here Lime Wire Support & click on the Download/Update LimeWire PRO link.

By Bookmarking your personal pro download page you will know if your pro is still valid for updates. Over the last 30 days of your support you will receive a warning on your download page. If you decide to pay for more support during that period you will receive a discount to continue receiving pro support.
Also, LW support send a few emails to your email account over that period (last 30 days of support) & several over last week warning you your pro support is nearing an end. Their email warning might actually begin over last 5-6 weeks on a weekly basis until the last week where it becomes almost daily.

This is then replaced for a short time with the message below once your Pro support does reach expiry date:

* At the top of the credit card form there's a link where customers who think they might have already purchased can look up their page.

* Typical email reminder sent about renewing your Pro account, click on the 2nd attachment thumbnail below to see larger view (image is large'ish).
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