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1. Playing incomplete files is not that simple. In many cases you have to wait, till the download is finished. However you can try right-click and choose 'launch', this works for mp3s for example.

2. How do you know people downloading from you are leechers? You can Options/Uploads/Slots/UploadsPerPerson to a lower value, if you like.

3. What's wrong with sorting as it is now?

4. Might be worth doing some time in the future. It's already possible for Search Results.

5. & 6. Could be done, I think.

7. Why?

8. No need to do that if 5. is implemented.

9. You can set it to never by setting the FREELOADER_ALLOWED value in your limewire.props to zero. However you should think of people who just downloaded LimeWire and don't have files to share yet.

10. Browsing files will be enabled again, soon. Why would you want to be so restrictive?

11. I don't think that's wise, could be a firewalled host, for example, you could download from it, if you aren't firewalled, too.

12. You'd have to change the gnutella protocol to do that.

13. The number of ultrapeers to connect to isn't unlimited throughout the network. You'd take away too many incoming connection slots and cause more fragmentation which would reduce other people's search horizon.

14. You can sort files according to file size. But additional filters for search results is not a bad idea in general.

15. 0k doesn't mean an uploading host is dead. Maybe it's just uploading very, very slowly. But limewire would keep looking for further hosts to download from anyway.

16. I didn't have that problem anymore since LimeWire 2.3.1. I don't know whether it's still there.

17. Why? If a user is trying multiple files from you doesn't mean he's not sharing many files himself.

18. Better download with Xk per second than not at all.

19. That's Sun's fault, maybe it's fixed in JRE 1.4.1

20. That wouldn't be even near accurate anyway.

21. You mean an "I WANT TO FREELOAD"-button? Definitely not!

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